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Mixer / Agitator Stainless Steel Square Pitch Propeller

Mixing Propellers
Mixer / Agitator 2 Blade and 3 Blade Weedless Propeller

  • These MADE TO ORDER 2 blade weedless and 3 blade weedless propellers can come in 316L stainless steel or Manganese Bronze. Other material are available please contact us.
  • Weedless propellers are designed to keep materials suspended, reduces twisting, knotting, and buildup on blades. Helps to reduces strands from wrapping around blades which can damage the mixer.
  • Options available: keyways, clipping, cutting, pitch-changes, special bore sizes, set screws, electropolishing, buff mirror finish.
  • Weedless propellers come in two options: Full blade weedless or Clipped weedless. Many sizes, pitches, bore sizes, left hand or right hand weedless propellers available please contact us for quote.
Manganese Bronze Weedless Propeller
3 Bladed 316L Clipped Weedless propeller
3 Bladed Manganese Bronze Weedless propeller



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